Ogidi Brown declares his support for Fameye after they officially parted ways

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OGB Music, Ogidi Brown, has stated that Fameye is a good talent.

He made this assertion after they mutually terminated their contract.

Fameye disclosed in a statement that his contract with OGB Music has officially been terminated a few days ago.

In a separate statement that Newshuntermag.com has obtained, the owner of OGB Music admitted that Fameye is a good talent.

He emphasized how proud OGB Music is to have discovered Fameye’s talent.

Ogidi Brown pledged to support him in however way possible.

Before they parted ways, a misunderstanding ensued between them—so it’s a piece of good news if Ogidi Brown is ready to support Fameye despite he not being under his record label anymore.

Below is Ogidi’s full statement.

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