Fella Makafui eulogizes Medikal as she recalls their first encounter on Facebook

Ghanaian actress and businesswoman, Fella Makafui is optimistic about the future with Medikal.

Recounting her first encounter with the popular Ghanaian rapper, Fella Makafui in a post seen by Newshuntermag.com said better days are ahead of them to tell their story.

She was grateful to Medikal for his support.

Fella added that she blesses the day her husband, Medikal sent a message to her on Facebook.

“I bless the day you sent me that message on Facebook…My best friend, my lover, my gossip partner, my business partner, my advisor, thank youuu ..Today is not enough to say it all ..Better days ahead to tell our story..I love you Red heart @AmgMedikal,” Fella Makafui tweeted.

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