Prophet Kumchacha postulates how prolonged church services can cause problems in marriages

Ghanaian Prophet, Nicholas Osei, well known as Prophet Kumchacha, has condemned prolonged church services.

During a discussion on Okay FM that has sighted, Prophet Kumchacha asserted that church services being held for a long time can cause marital problems.

He disclosed that he doesn’t stress his church members with long preaching.

Prophet Kumchacha, therefore, implored other preachers to cut their sermons short.

“Church services which last for longer hours can cause problems. Sometimes it can cause marriages to break and foster quarrels between a husband and wife. Some services can start at 8:00 am and close at 5:00 pm. I feel that such long durations are not profitable for anyone,” he stated.

Prophet Kumchacha added: “Some women have to go and cook for their husbands. Others may need to go and take care of the children. And if we put Sunday services aside, the rest of the days in the week, some women may need to collect their children from school. So if your closing time is not favourable, it can bring about problems between herself and her husband.

“I feel that when it comes to sharing the Gospel, every pastor should preach for a maximum of an hour.”

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