Lydia Forson advises aspiring actors not to pay for an audition

Lydia Forson

Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has said it’s not right for aspiring actors to pay for an audition.

To her, it’s the biggest scam if they pay anyone for an audition.

She made this assertion in a has seen.

Lydia Forson, therefore, advised wanna-be actors not to pay for auditions.

She wrote: “Biggest Scam ever!!!! Never pay anyone for an audition EVER!!.”

Her post follows Bob Mawuli’s statement about unfair audition charges.

Bob tweeted earlier: “Also another popular Scam in this Accra is Auditions charging Audition fee, hehehe. People charge fees for auditions for nonexistent moviesSkullSkullSkullSkull, when the movie is real sef they’ve already casted their people you come and audition pay never get the role, we are all hungry, hah.”

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