What do you want from me? – Black Sherif unhappily questions a tweep over a false statement

Black Sherif

Ghanaian musician, Black Sherif has hurriedly replied to a statement he has been tagged as saying.

A Twitter user claimed Sherif has stated that Lagos is safer than Accra.

“Black Sherif told a Nigerian YouTuber that Lagos is safer than Accra, wow,” he tweeted.

In a post seen by Newshuntermag.com, the ‘Second Sermon’ composer rebutted that he was misrepresented.

According to him, he meant he can walk freely in Lagos because nobody knows him there but he cannot do the same in Accra due to how popular he is.

Black Sherif replied: “Stop the cap, dude. I told Korty I can walk freely in Lagos cause nobody knows me there, and I can’t do the same in Accra cause I’m very famous here. That’s, literally, what I said, bro. What y’all want from me? Tell me.”

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