King Ayisoba dreams of becoming a global icon

Ghanaian traditional musician, Albert Apoozore, widely known as King Ayisoba, has opened up on his dreams.

Known for his unique style of music alongside the Kologo, Ayisoba has revealed where he is aspiring to be.

He told Sammy Flex in an interview has come across that he wants to be a global icon.

King Ayisoba was happy to have won the Artiste of the Year with his live music.

He recalled touring some parts of the world.

The 48-year-old musician said a lot of people attended his concerts in Canada, China, Denmark and other places.

King Ayisoba stressed the mark he wants to make on the international level.

He indicated that filling the Alhaji Mahama Sports Stadium like Fancy Gadam is not his target.

Ayisoba added that Fancy Gadam needs to learn a lot.

Watch the interview below.

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