Panji Anoff speaks on how inexperience has caused Black Sherif’s team

Panji Anoff believes inexperience is one of the reasons why Black Sherif was in trouble recently.

There were controversies surrounding a deal Sherif signed with Empire.

He has been having issues with his management because of the deal.

Speaking at the African Music Business Dialogue, Ghanaian songwriter and producer, Panji Anoff said what happened to Black Sherif would not have happened if he has someone with about 5 or 10 years of experience in his team.

He talked about how important it is for young musicians to know the mistakes that the older musicians made.

Panji Anoff doesn’t see the need for people to dash their most valuable asset to somebody.

The CEO of Pidgen Music stressed that new artistes have to get people who understand what is going on in the music business in their team.

Watch Anoff’s statement in the video below.

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