After E-Levy, online businesses should be taxed – Okraku Mantey

The Deputy Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mark Okraku Mantey has made a shocking proposal to the government.

He urged the government to tax online businesses after the passage of the E-Levy.

During an interview on GTV, Mr Okraku Mantey asserted that most people are earning more revenue online.

He believes this will help the government to generate extra income and ease the burden on the few SMEs who pay their taxes.

“Again, the small business enterprise comes up in a few years, and they collapse because they are overloaded with some taxes. So, why don’t we expand the scope to help reduce corporate Ghana of taxes? We can distribute it such that you don’t overload the few who have agreed to pay for it.

“My creative people are selling on YouTube, iTunes, bolt foods, uber. People are now buying clothes online. Are they paying anything to the government? No. After the momo, I think we need to go heavily online and then cyber to see what we can get from there,” he stated.

He stressed that the only way government can fix the things people are demanding is after they have contributed their part through the payment of taxes.

“So I ask myself, how do we fix these things that make you complain about what you do not contribute?”

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