It is not an easy task to deal with privacy – Jackie Appiah

Renowned Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah, has revealed how difficult it is to deal with privacy.

Speaking in an interview on GTV, Jackie stated that she has sold her privacy.

She posited in this came across that she cannot do what the ordinary person will do.

“It is not an easy task, very very difficult. I have sold my privacy and so I cannot do what an ordinary person will do,” the award-winning actress averred.

Jackie Appiah further stated: “For instance yesterday I was driving and someone crossed me, I wanted to insult the person, like what kind of driving is that but, I cannot do that. You always have to be on guard and I stay away from trouble, always keep to myself and mind my own business.”

She is one of the revered actresses in the country and some parts of Africa.

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