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Agya Koo discloses how a health condition stopped him from shooting night scenes

Popular Ghanaian actor, Alex Kofi Adu, otherwise known as Agya Koo, has revealed why he stopped shooting night scenes.

Speaking in an interview on Angel FM in Kumasi, Agya Koo said he was going blind because of night scenes.

He detailed in the has come across that the lights they were using on set were affecting his eyes.

Agya Koo stated that he discussed his situation with the producers and stopped shooting night scenes.

“I stopped shooting night scenes because I was going blind. The light used to shoot night scenes affected my eyes and led to some complications with the eye.

“I told the producers what I was experiencing and requested to opt-out of night scenes to help protect myself and my sight,” he disclosed.

Agya Koo is one of the people’s favourites after he gained prominence in the Ghanaian movie scene.

He is one of the best comic actors in Ghana.

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