Baba Spirit: circumstances leading to popular Ghanaian comedian’s death disclosed (Video)

Circumstances leading to Baba Spirit’s death have been disclosed.

The popular comedian was announced dead on September 8, 2022.

What caused his death was not known when it occurred on Thursday.

But his friend, Quappiah has narrated how the sad incident.

He revealed that Baba Spirit called him on phone, stating he was dying if he doesn’t come.

According to him, Baba was panting when he called him.

Again, Quappiah said Baba Spirit told him that he fell from his bed.

While he was asking where he can locate him, the call dropped.

His effort to get much detail was not fruitful as his calls were not being answered until a lady who took Baba to the hospital later answered the call and told him where they were.

Sadly, Baba Spirit was pronounced dead when Quappiah got to the hospital.

He added that the doctors said Baba died due to anaemia.

Watch a narration of Quappiah’s account below.

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