Appietus and Papi of 5Five fame shamefully trade insults during a live television interview (Watch Video)

An interview which involved Ghanaian music producer, Appiah Dankwah, well known as Appietus and Papi of 5Five fame, did not end well.

They became very angry when they were interviewed by Sammy Flex on CTV.

While talking about Appietus’ decision to put 5Five’s songs on digital platforms without their consent, both parties shamefully insulted themselves.

The music producer said he will sue Papi for calling him a thief.

Justifying his action, Appietus stated that 5Five did not pay him when he produced the songs—so he put them online to earn something.

Meanwhile, Papi replied that they did barter trading.

He added that their song ‘Muje Baya’ made Appietus.

Their hot exchanges of words was on the back of the music producer’s revelation about the amount he earned from the songs he put on digital platforms.

Watch the video below.

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