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Kojo Antwi’s rep refutes reports that he’s begging for money online to finance his father’s funeral

Kojo Antwi’s rep has explained why a GoFundMe account was created ahead of his father’s funeral.

The Ghanaian musician lost his father some weeks ago.

While he’s preparing to give his deceased father a befitting funeral, it surfaced online that he is asking for funds online to finance the funeral.

A section of Ghanaian social media users was not okay with the decision.

After he was heavily chastised, a rep for the Music Maestro has made a clarification.

In a Joy Entertainment report seen by, the rep refuted the claims that the account was created to solicit funds for the musician’s late father’s funeral.

The rep claimed it is instead to set up The Maestro’s Love and Care Foundation which will provide scholarships to needy children and support for the visually impaired in society.

He added that some fans urged him to create the account so that they could support him.

“Kojo Antwi, therefore, decided to open a GoFundMe account to make the process organised and smooth so he could also use the opportunity to lend a hand to the underprivileged in memory of his late father,” the rep explained.

The target of the GoFundMe account created in the name of Kojo Antwi was £1,000,000, an equivalent of GH₵14,741,026.20. It was published under the ‘Funerals & Memorials’ category.

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