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Yaa Jackson speaks against abortion; advises women to keep pregnancies

Young Ghanaian actress and singer, Yaa Jackson, has spoken against abortion.

In her latest interview, the 22-year-old entertainer advised women to keep pregnancies even if they did not plan for it.

She urged women not to harm an innocent baby.

Yaa does not see the need for them to get rid of unprepared pregnancies.

The ‘Tear Rubber’ singer averred there are some people who are praying to be able to conceive and have their own babies.

Yaa Jackson, who gave birth barely a month ago, stated that it is not shameful if someone becomes a baby mama.

She opened up on her readiness to be a single parent if her partner refuses to play a fatherly role.

Yaa further talked about rumours involving her and the father of her first child.

Watch the interview below.

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