Akrobeto discloses how a woman almost killed him during s£x


Ghanaian actor, Akwasi Boadi, widely known as Akrobeto, has disclosed how a woman almost killed him during s£x.

In a video from his ‘Real News’ program aired on UTV, the famous entertainer opened up about his wild s£x experience.

He recalled the woman told him that his style was outmoded.

The woman then asked him to lie down and she sat on him.

Akrobeto said he was given some h@t s£x by the woman.

During the s£x, the award-winning actor disclosed that his p£nis nearly got fractured due to the intensity of his partner’s action.

Akrobeto made this revelation when talking about the dangers of certain s£x positions.

Watch the video of his experience as narrated below.

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