Compensate VGMA 2023 attendees, viewers with GHS 100 and GHS 50 over your abysmal performance – DJ Slim tells Lasmid

DJ Slim and Lasmid

Ghanaian media personality, DJ Slim, has reacted to the performance Lasmid put up at the VGMA 2023.

Many people were disappointed after his performance.

The young musician was subjected to heavy chastisement following his performance.

During a discussion on Hitz FM, the outspoken media personality said Lasmid had no excuse to perform abysmally.

He expected him to perform well since he came out from a reality show.

DJ Slim added that the young Ghanaian musician should compensate VGMA 2023 attendees with GHS 100 and GHS 50 for those who watched from home.

He thinks Lasmid should have done better.

Watch his remark below.

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