Sleeping with a lot of men before marriage will have serious consequences – Akwaboah cautions women


Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Akwaboah has warned women about the consequences of sleeping with many guys before marriage.

The ‘Gangsta Love’ composer in a video seen by hinted at the challenges they will face after marriage.

He stated though they may think they are being smart for chilling with multiple guys, the end result after marriage won’t be good.

Akwaboah said they should remember the oil of blessings they sold cheaply to some guys when the time comes.

“…go ahead, date as many as you want, be as smart as you want to but when the time comes, you will soon remember,” he was heard saying.

“It’s good for you to date as many men as you want, chill with many as you want. Sleep with many as you want but I pray you find Mr Right.

“When he comes and he is hustling and working himself off and is not making anything to take care of you and probably your kids, remember that you sold your oil, your blessings and your glory to some cheap people out there for a small price and the person who takes the fall is your husband, your kids and yourself,” he stated.

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