Citi FM’s Caleb Kudah released after he was arrested by National Security

Caleb Kudah

Outspoken Ghanaian journalist, Caleb Kudah has been released after he was arrested by National Security.

The arrest of two Citi FM’s journalists has sparked wild reactions online.

Caleb’s arrest was confirmed by some of his colleagues.

A report came across said he was arrested for filming at a restricted zone.

This comes after a video of Caleb Kudah went viral a few days ago—concerning the #FixTheCountry protest march.

“The work of these police officers is sorrowful, these officers most of them their bungalows are unfortunately like hencoops yet the are abandoned housing projects that you can occupy yet they’ve brought you here whilst we are saying Fix The Country,” he said.

Sources say Zoe Abu Baidoo, who also works with Citi FM, was also arrested but she was released later.

Caleb Kudah, on the other hand, was freed after more than an hour of interrogation.

As of now, they have not made any public comment about the incident.

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