Tracey Boakye threatens to sue Cindy Cash

Tracey Boakye

Ghanaian actress and producer, Tracey Boakye has threatened to file a lawsuit against Cindy Cash.

In a letter available to, the lawyer for Tracey, Kwabena Owusu-Mensah, urged Cindy Nana Amoakoah of Cindy Cash TV to delete defamatory statements and videos about the former.

She was given seven (7) days to do this.

If she fails, Tracey Boakye’s lawyer said they will be forced to file a legal suit against her.

Read the full letter below:

Tel: 024 4684436/0200847481                                                                   P.O. Box GP 13297

Email: [email protected]                                                               Accra – Ghana

 Our Ref: MC/TB/01/21                                                                                Kingsby Hotel Offices Complex

 Your Ref:                                                                                                        Achimota-Petroleum, Accra

                                                                            1st December, 2021 




Dear Madam,




We write as Lawyers for and on behalf of Madam Tracey Boakye and have her firm instructions to do so. Our client has intimated to us that you have been publishing defamatory videos and statements about her and her dear family. In some of such videos and statements, you brought others to your studio to malign and cast aspersions on our client.

Further, you have been making statements about the paternity of her young child and subjecting mother and child to public ridicule. You are aware that such statements are not true and you have been publishing such statements and videos just to tarnish the good image of our client in the eyes of right-thinking members of society.

Again, it has been brought to our attention by our client that there are some unscrupulous websites and faceless individuals who have taken delight in republishing those false videos and statements you have been making about our client and we use this letter to send those people our strongest displeasure as well. We shall surely fish them out and deal with them at the appropriate time.

Our client warned you recently to delete such false statements and videos you have made about her and her family based on which you apologised and deleted some of them. You seem to have taken our clients warning lightly because we have noticed that you still have defamatory material under your control via your blog (Cindy Cash TV) which you have still failed and/or refused to delete.

TAKE NOTICE AND NOTICE IS HEREBY SERVED that if you do not delete all defamatory statements you have under your control as well as your blog on our client within 7 days from the date of this letter, we shall have no option than to drag you to the honourable courts of the Republic to offer you an opportunity to substantiate the statements and videos you have been publishing about our client.

AND TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that if going to court becomes the option, we shall ensure that you pay a substantial amount of damages such as to appease our client and her hard-won reputation which you so desperately seek to tarnish together with all ancillary cost that may arise.

Our client shall not relent until every false and defamatory statement and video made by you is completely deleted. Be advised.

                                                                                          Thank You

                                                                       KWABENA OWUSU-MENSAH ESQ.

                                                                        (Lawyer for Madam Tracey Boakye

Cc: Madam Tracey Boakye, Accra.

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