John Dumelo advises landlords to take five months deposit first for rent

John Dumelo

Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo, has proposed a solution for the volatile rent issues in the country.

Over the years, a lot of Ghanaians have complained about rent-related issues.

Notable among these complaints are the duration of which properties are rented out.

Some landlords or property owners take about two (2) to more years advance payment.

Sharing his view on this in a has come across, Mr Dumelo, who is also a politician, suggested that landlords should take five (5) months deposit first.

He explained that landlords can use part of the deposit to fix their properties if something happens to them.

Following the deposit, John Dumelo added that tenants should be asked to pay their rent on monthly basis.

“Rent solution: Let landlords take 5 mths deposit first. Then they can receive mthly rent from the tenant. If a’thng happens to the property due to the fault of the tenant, they use part of the deposit to fix it. If the tenant misses one mthly payment, they deduct from the deposit,” he wrote on Facebook.

Meanwhile, the Rent Act mandates landlords to take 6 months initial deposit—but the situation is different on the grounds.

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