Unhappy Shatta Wale responds to his mother’s rent brouhaha

Ghanaian musician, Shatta Wale, has gone bonkers over his mother’s rent issue.

Reports about Shatta Wale’s mother being ejected from her rented house have been trending.

Amid the reports, Madam Elsie Avemegah, the mother of Shatta Wale disclosed she has not seen him for about five years now.

The popular musician was not happy about the incident when reacting to it in a video Newshuntermag.com has chanced upon.

Shatta Wale, therefore, threatened to pray Psalm 35 over those who will talk ill about him.

“Ask my brother or anyone from Nima market who my mother truly is. My brother, blade, is aware of the things I have told him about my mother but he still urged me to remain still and take her as she is.

“I’ll pray Psalm 35 over anyone who talks ill about me. I’m not a mere mortal. I am scary, demonic and a spirit. I am everything except God. How is it that nobody notices that there is a loophole somewhere? I am very wealthy, I throw money around and all, but you for a moment asked yourself why all this is happening? Don’t you think there are things or secrets I haven’t said? To all those saying that I cannot look after my mother, I’ll suffer, one of your family members will die, you won’t prosper.

“You people have carried issues relating to my mother on your head. What if there’s something wrong with her? What if all this is her fault? So what at all do you want? For my career to end? I’ll pray that you all live and see what I’ll achieve before you die. Mind your business. To the gossip, you can easily die from this. It’s just like you going somewhere and out of the blue, you just enter someone’s house to separate a fight. You could be killed in the process. Don’t be a fool in this world. Nobody should come and tell me about my mother,” he stated.

Watch the video below.

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