Fetish priest reveals how Sonnie Badu’s song helped him to repent

A Ghanaian fetish priest has narrated how he repented after having an encounter with a song composed by Sonnie Badu.

Nana Musah, as he was known formerly, revealed in a video Newshuntermag.com has come across that he was struck down when he decided to watch music videos of Sonnie Badu on TV.

According to him, he fell when the renowned Gospel musician and pastor knelt before the altar in one of the music videos.

He said the fly-whisk (bodua) which he was holding also fell and they couldn’t pick it.

The fetish priest, who is now an evangelist known as Servant Godsway, stated that he did not know Sonnie Badu at that time.

His repentance came after being a fetish priest for about 20 years.

He wished to see Sonnie Badu and ask him just one question.

Watch the video of his narration below.

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