Barima Sidney to shock Ghanaians and Politicians with his next song

Ghanaian musician, Barima Sidney, has hinted at the release of his next song.

He is known for his controversial songs—talking about politics and others issues in the country.

While he has been on a seeming musical break for some time, he has announced his comeback.

He stated in a recent has come across that politicians in the country are not thinking creatively following the effect of the Russia and Ukraine war.

“Ghana’s economic woes aren’t unique. Everybody suffers globally. If your fundamentals are weak, the exchange rate will expose you, and that’s what’s happening in Ghana,” Sidney said on Connect FM’s ‘Edwumapa Mmre’ drive.

The controversial musician urged Ghanaians to assess their living conditions before they vote.

“I can’t recommend NPP or NDC to Ghanaians in 2024.” Vote based on how you live. I’m not static, I don’t belong to any political party, and I can speak up if things are wrong,” he said.

Barima Sidney added that his next song ‘Power’, will shock Ghanaians and leaders.

“I’ll shortly release a current events tune. Controversial. “Power” comes out in August. He continued, “That music will shake everywhere.”

He was behind the popular ‘Our Money’ song. We are anticipating this release from Sidney.

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