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Shatta Wale reveals why he won’t invest much in his music videos

Shatta Wale

Ghanaian musician, Shatta Wale, has revealed why he won’t invest much in his music videos.

As an independent artiste, the ‘Gringo’ singer does not see the need to use a lot of money when shooting music videos.

He was not happy about the amount Sarkodie spends on his music videos.

“I watch someone like Sarkodie investing in music videos and yet he is still not making it. What he is doing, I don’t get it because he is alone and yet he is using his money to do that,” Wale said in an interview with George Quaye on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z.

Shatta said in a live video some time ago that such an amount will be invested in properties and not music videos.

“Don’t worry yourself shooting videos like you want to compete with Jay Z. What I will waste in producing good videos. I will rather invest in properties. Sizla and others shoot movies in front of their houses, and the songs go international,” he stated.

Popular Ghanaian video director, Yaw Skyface criticized the musician over his music videos last year.

“If he was shooting standard quality videos and he comes out to say don’t spoil your money, then what he is talking about is not based on substandard videos. But, he is always shooting substandard videos. We all know that he will never put money on a video. So when he comes out with a statement like this, that means you are enticing people not to invest in their music videos.

“But let’s say you meet a music executive at the airport and you want to show that you are a musician from Ghana, the first place he will go is your youtube to check your work. And I think we should clear that mentality of we want to promote Ghana, so we have to have people smoking in Labadi, in the bushes. So that is the street. No, that is not the street. It is nothing,” he said.

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