Video: Dr Likee tries to woo Delay

Ghanaian actor, Ras Nene aka Dr Likee, tried to woo Delay during an interview.

He was interviewed on the ‘Delay Show’ recently.

During the interview, Likee revealed that Delay is the type of woman he wants. He said this after he was asked his type of woman.

He further stated that Delay won’t mind giving all her properties to him if they have an affair.

“Oh, as it stands, you are my line (type) …very much so, maybe if I get you in bed, you will bequeath all your properties to me…I will deal with you very well… we are in charge, try the gangster, try the street boy and see….,” Dr Likee stated.

The host, Deloris Frimpong Manso, well known as Delay, laughed after his statement.

Watch the video below.

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