Kalybos opens up on his marital status

Ghanaian actor, Richard Kweku Asante, well known as Kalybos, has opened up on his marital status.

He revealed in an interview with Doreen Avio on Joy Prime that he is in a relationship.

The ‘Boys Kasa’ actor also talked about the temptations that his work comes with.

“Oh yes. I am [in a relationship]. I happened to fall into one, and I like where it is. In my line of work, most of my colleagues might not agree to this. But very important you have a relationship; have a single relationship.

“You meet ladies, new faces all the time, so if you’re one who is picky and is not content with what he has, you might find a lady attractive, but tomorrow, definitely, trust me, you’ll find a different lady who’s more than what you saw. It all balls down to you, the guy. Access yourself to know that I need to settle down with one lady, then the rest can follow,” Kalybos stated.

When asked if he has ever cheated on his partner, he replied: “Yes. The current one, yes.”

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