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Efia Odo says it is embarrassing and foolishness if a woman proposes to a man

Efia Odo

Ghanaian actress and model, Andrea Owusu, popularly as Efia Odo, has spoken against women proposing to men.

She condemned this act in a video chanced on.

Efia said it is foolishness if a woman proposes to a man.

She further talked about how she was blinded by love previously and flaunted her lover.

“That’s why I say you have to love yourself. I was settling for less than what I deserved. The basic thing, this man couldn’t even do for me. I was so blinded by wanting love so bad that I was settling for way less than I deserve,” the actress-turned-musician averred.

Efia Odo also had something to say about her new relationship.

“Don’t look for love. Let love find you because I was in that space where I wasn’t looking for love. I was done with men.

“But then love found me. So don’t go looking for love. Let love naturally find you. Sometimes because you are looking and want it so bad, you have to settle for anything that comes.”

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