Fella Makafui sadly complains about her employee stealing 50k from her

Fella Makafui

Fella Makafui has sadly complained about her employee stealing 50k from her.

The Ghanaian actress revealed this in a tweet.

She asked the employee to send the money to her because it was her sweat.

The actress cum businesswoman was hopeful of finding the lady who had bolted with her money.

She wrote on Twitter: “My Employee has stolen my money. My team and I can’t find her anywhere. She has blocked us on all platforms. I only received a call from one man who claimed to be an officer threatening me. Gina, I know you seeing this, kindly send me my 50k. Thats my sweat !”

“To think I’m praying to God 24/7, investing and putting in my energy and my employee dey enjoy my sweat. Na why them no dey help people. I employed you with a kind heart so my God sef won’t let you rest. If you like, hide! I WILL FIND YOU AND TAKE EVERY PENY. ON GOD !”

Fella Makafui further stated in another tweet that people do not want to employ others because of the bad character and stupid mindset.

She tweeted: “Because of some of you your bad character and stupid mindset be why people don’t even want to employ you. Wicked and evil set of humans.”

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