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It’s ignorance to say there is no money in the Ghanaian movie industry – Akrobeto


Renowned Ghanaian actor and television personality, Akwasi Boadi, widely known as Akrobeto, has commented on the assertions that there is no money in the Ghanaian movie industry.

Varied opinions have been expressed about how lucrative Ghana’s movie industry is.

Many people have argued that the Ghanaian movie industry does not pay.

But speaking in an interview with Precise FM, the famous Ghanaian actor shot down the claims.

He stated that anyone who will say actors in Ghana are not making money from their work is ignorant.

The award-winning actor revealed how his work as an actor has helped him.

“Anyone who says that is ignorant of what goes on in the movie industry. He has not been famous and popular that is why. It’s the money from the acting that I used to build two houses and I want to build more for my children. It’s the money from acting because aside from that what other job do I do?” he said.

Akrobeto further stated: “I am using myself as an example and Lilwin as well. Go and check out the school Lil Win has put up, go and see. Such a thing has never appeared in the history of Ghana. What job does he do? We shouldn’t be committing such mistakes. If it’s not the money from movies, then which money am I using to survive? Any money I get is either from the movie or acting work.”

The perception of the movie industry not being a lucrative job resurrected after videos and photos of Agya Koo’s new mansion hit online.

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