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It Is Sad And Sicking – Music Producer Chastises Yvonne Nelson Following Her Abortion With Sarkodie Revelation

Wei Ye Oteng and Yvonne Nelson

Wei Ye Oteng, a Ghanaian music producer, has chastised Yvonne Nelson following her revelation of having had an abortion with Sarkodie.

The popular actress in a memoir titled ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’ disclosed she got pregnant for Sarkodie some years ago.

She said the pregnancy was aborted after the rapper refused to take responsibility.

Her revelation has triggered a lot of reactions.

Responding to it, Wei Ye Oteng condemned what Yvonne did.

He said her action was sad and sicking.

Oteng wrote on Facebook: “Obaa this is a not not, u have and will loose a lot of respect from now on, all these dirty sex escapades and you think is the right time for attention?
There are a lot of great things you have done and can motivate the youth with but you choose this path, is sad and sickening.

Is you agenda to break homes or tell how open in bed you were to ppl u were attracted to? What’s the difference between her & Abena kokor?”

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