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Sark did well for not accepting the pregnancy – Kwame A Plus defends Sarkodie after Yvonne Nelson’s abortion revelation

Kwame A Plus, Yvonne Nelson and Sarkodie

Social commentator and activist, Kwame Asare Obeng, well-known as Kwame A Plus, has defended Sarkodie after Yvonne Nelson’s abortion revelation.

In her memoir titled ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’, the popular actress opened up about an abortion she did for Sarkodie.

She indicated that the popular Ghanaian rapper was not ready to accept responsibility when she got pregnant.

This disclosure has triggered a lot of discussions in the country.

In a post on Facebook, A Plus stated that Sarkodie made the best decision.

He claimed the story would have been different if he accepted the pregnancy.

A Plus also talked about Yvonne Nelson’s struggle to find her biological father.

He wrote: “Yvonne Nelson made us believe that her mother was a superwoman, she even celebrated her mother on Father’s Day. Her mother did everything to make her believe that her father was the most useless man on earth. On his sick bed, the man told his part of the story, revealing to her that he is not her father. She therefore had a DNA test and it was confirmed, according to her that yes, the “Satan” was not her father. Her “real” father was Peter Adjetey, the former speaker of Parliament.

That one too the DNA machine was “faulty” so the “real was not realing.” Na asɛm bɛn koraa ni? And you expected Sarkodie, a young up-and-coming guy to accept a pregnancy from someone who was showing some of her mother’s characteristics?

Sark, you made the best decision!!! If you had accepted that pregnancy, the book today would have read, “Sarkodee is not my son/daughter’s father. The real father is Inyanya” or one of her many boyfriends.

Her mother played the victim to make an innocent man look bad even when she knew the real father of her daughter. This is exactly who these daughters of Eve are. This gender…. Very wicked!”

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