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Some churches and pastors in Ghana are only focusing on making money – MOG Music

MOG Music

Ghanaian Gospel musician and pastor, Nana Yaw Boakye-Yiadom, well known as MOG Music, has raised a concern about some churches and pastors in Ghana focusing on making money.

He said in a recent interview that these pastors and churches only think about how they can make money.

The ‘Be Lifted’ singer bemoaned these money-making-minded pastors do not think about the core mandate of their calling.

Their actions, he said it is affecting the innocent ones and those doing the work of God genuinely.

“If they say the church has now become too money minded I’ll say not all of them maybe some few churches are those doing that.

“It is said that one bad nut can spoil the whole soup so it’s only a few individuals doing it and it’s been generalized to all churches but there are some genuine churches and men of God,” the Gospel musician said in an interview with Amansan Krakye on Property FM.

Talking about genuine men of God in Ghana, he praised the leader of the Royal House Chapel, Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah.

“There are those who are not focused on money but fully doing the work to win souls for Christ and I can vouch for Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah and the mighty work that he’s doing.

“He’s been very supportive in paying people’s school fees, and supporting young ministers like myself so people shouldn’t think all the church is concerned about is money making,” MOG Music stated.

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