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Getting a woman pregnant and labelling her as a wh*re is the dumbest a$$hole ever – Prince David Osei berates Sarkodie

Prince David Osei and Sarkodie

Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei has berated Sarkodie after he reacted to the Yvonne Nelson abortion revelation with a song.

The rapper unleashed ‘Try Me’ and accused Yvonne of having affairs with other men when they were together.

Not happy about the lyrics Sarkodie dished out, Prince spoke against it in a tweet.

He stated that anyone who labels a woman as a wh*re after getting her pregnant is the dumbest thing ever.

The actor was shocked Sarkodie slept with Yvonne Nelson without protection if he knew she was a wh*re.

Prince David Osei tweeted: “Childish Tantrums!! Never let the kid in you destroy the king in you … Whoever sleeps with a woman get her pregnant and don’t own up as man and goes about labeling her “Wh*re” is the dumbest a$shole ever .. She was a “Wh*re” yet you shagged her unprotected got her pregnant!! God have mercy on those supporting tomfoolery!! #respectwomen.”

Yvonne Nelson and the famous Ghanaian rapper’s issue started after she opened up about having an abortion for him in her ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’ memoir.

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