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George Britton reacts to claims that artiste managers and record labels are ‘milking’ artistes

George Britton

Ghanaian artiste manager, George Britton, has reacted to claims that artiste managers and record labels are ‘milking’ their artistes.

He shot down the allegations in a recent interview.

George, who is the manager of Camidoh, stated that it is painful when people with no experience make such a perception.

He opened up about the hard work they put in their work before artistes became famous.

“Most people don’t understand how the music business works and so it’s painful to hear people say that managers and record labels milk their artistes.

“They only see tomorrow when the artiste blossom and becomes so big and successful but they don’t see the beginning of the artiste,” George Britton told Amansan Krakye on Property FM.

“So some people speak without experience and so some of them they will talk but it’s up to you to soak all these things and see how to go about it,” he further stated.

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