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Sarkodie and his wife Tracy Sarkcess ‘chill’ in latest video abroad amid Yvonne Nelson controversy

Sarkodie and Tracy Sarkcess chilling abroad

A video of Sarkodie and his wife, Tracy Sarkcess, spending quality time together abroad has surfaced online.

The famous Ghanaian rapper and his wife were captured enjoying their company at a restaurant outside the shores of Ghana in a video.

They ate, dinned and take photos and videos—which will remember them of that day.

Sarkodie and his wife enjoying themselves abroad was on the heels of the rapper’s issue with Yvonne Nelson.

Yvonne Nelson and Sark dominated news headlines after the former opened up about an abortion she had for the renowned rapper in her memoir ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’.

While some people may think the controversy may cause problems at home, Sarkodie and his wife, Tracy Sarkcess have painted a picture through this video that they are strongly in love, no matter what has been put out there.

Below is the video of their happy moment.

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