Praye Tietia advises women not to look for rich men

Praye Tietia

Popular Ghanaian musician, Praye Tietia, known in private life as Stephen Fiawoo, has given a piece of advice to women.

In a has seen, Praye Tietia advised women not to chase rich men.

He argued that about 90 per cent of rich men are already taken.

Instead of chasing rich men, the member of the Praye Group urged women to look for men who have great potential.

“You’ll have to see beyond the physical appearance. Look for a man who is not necessarily rich but has greatness potential, a man who you can clearly see is going somewhere. It is a known fact that 90% of already made men are all taken, don’t be deceived,” Praye Tietia wrote.

His comment follows a video DJ Mensah posted about a Pastor preaching on poor men not seeing beautiful women but affordable women.

Watch the video and read his comment below.

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