Ghanaian actress, Vicky Zugah is unhappy about how a lot of African Women have been raised to see marriage as a trophy

Vicky Zugah

Ghanaian actress, Vicky Zugah is unhappy about how marriage has been prioritized.

In a post seen by, the host of ‘The Red Light Show’ on UTV was daunted by how marriage has been made to be seen as a trophy for a lot of African women.

To her, marriage is just a part of the journey of life.

She implored parents to help change the narrative about marriage.

Talking about the negative effects that abusive marriages have on some women, she stated that it’s better for them to be alive by quitting than to stay in such marriages and die.

Vicky Zugah wrote on Facebook: “A lot of Africans especially women, have been raised to see marriage as “trophy”. Most Africans make it look like when one isn’t married after a certain age then it is a taboo, a sin or something must definitely be wrong with the person. This is the reason victims get depressed, suffer and die in abusive marriages.

“Dear parents, We can change this narrative. Let us teach our daughters especially,
that life is a whole journey and marriage is only a PART of that journey. That marriage is a beautiful thing but then again a failed marriage isn’t a failed life and it is better to return home alive if it doesn’t work than to endure and return in a casket. Teach them to choose “Miss” over “The late Mrs”.

“Warn them never to threaten an abusive partner with divorce. They must first leave unannounced then seek divorce from afar. Let us teach them how to be financially independent and not solely depend on their partners for things they can do for themselves. Etc Etc Etc YES WE CAN!…”

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