Lydia Forson details how Ghanaian entertainers can be saved from being the subject of debate whenever they’re old or sick

Lydia Forson

Ghanaian actress and writer, Lydia Forson has detailed how entertainers can be saved from being the subject of debates when they are old or sick.

There have been rampant reports about aged entertainers looking for help.

Such reports generate debates on how they lived and planned for the future.

But in a post seen by, Lydia Forson hinted at some of the challenges in the industry.

She further revealed how Ghanaian entertainers can be saved from such situations.

Below is Lydia Forson’s full post:

Here’s how to help entertainers so they’re not constantly the subject of debate whenever they’re old or sick; PAY THEM ‼️‼️‼️Yes we need better structures.

Yes we need to understand investments and the business of entertainment.Yes we’re sometimes culpable in our struggles. And while we debate and try to find better solutions to sustain the industry and make it lucrative for its players; you should also do your part.

You people constantly want to watch movies for free on YouTube, when there’s subscriptions based platforms but you don’t find us worthy. You want to download content for free at the expense of filmmakers. Television stations want to show your movies for free or when they do agree to pay, want to pay barely nothing.

Brands want to capitalize on our popularity without pay. And YOU yes YOU, constantly want us to show up at your events, promote your services and make YOU money at our expense; as if we don’t pay for cloths, make up etc.

You want entertainers to live up to a standard you’ve set and never want to pay them for their services; but be the first to come and write “who wore it best.”See I’m not a charity ooo, the others may be satisfied with the fame and your validation but as for me you will PAY rough‼️ I’m a brand and like any other I have expenses, so if you don’t respect and treat me as such don’t call me.

The audacity of holding discussions about this when you’re part of the problem.

Only last week a very big brand expected me to dress up, show up to their event and post their brand for free; a multinational brand at that. Like it’s kaliko I’m supposed to wear; when my agent asked about payment they hadn’t factored it in, like how?? I said NO.

Meanwhile I’ll be called rude for demanding this level of professionalism, rude for demanding payment, rude for doing what’s right!!

And let’s not start with politicians, y’all love a good charity case to make you feel better about yourself, but will not invest in the industry or help structure it. It’s called SHOW- BIZ ‼️What do you think the BIZ is for?

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