Fredyma goes after Oboy Siki following his statement about Ga people

Renowned Ghanaian music producer, Fred Kyei Mensah, otherwise known as Fredyma, has chastised Oboy Siki over his incentive remark about Ga people.

Actor, Oboy Siki said in a recent interview that he hates the Ga language and the people too.

Reacting to this in a post seen by, Fredyma stated that wisdom has left an elderly man like Oboy Siki.

He reiterated that Oboy Siki is fond of exhibiting uncouth behaviour.

Even in his movies, Fredy said he throw unnecessary jabs.

The well-versed music producer averred Oboy Siki should be shameful about his statement.

He also raised concerns about Peacefmonline’s editorial policy following their publication about what Oboy Siki said.

With my prying eyes on the social media front, i came across this story on Facebook and was, dumbfounded. What? My analysis is based upon the video i watched. Maybe, the conversation started somewhere before the question “do you speak Ga” came about before he gave that gibberish answer.

“This elderly man, Oboy Siki(De Santos) an actor, is fond of throwing invectives, uncouth behavior on radio, tv and social media. In some of the movies he acts, he sometimes jab unnecessarily thinking it’s from the scripts but, it’s a habit that he has cultivated.”

He further stated: “For him to say on live radio when the host on Neat fm entertainment review, Ola Michael asked him a harmless question “do you speak Ga” and for him to respond and insult all Gas in that manner, was uncalled for. He described them in a very despicable, hatred way and maligned them unapologetically. Shame on you Oboy Siki. You don’t have scruples.

“In this age, instead of preaching peace and harmony, you describe a whole group of people who haven’t attacked you in such derogatory manner. But for my in laws being Gas, i Fredyma, would have been nobody. It was my mother in law, a Ga, and my wife whose contributions in my life over the years, has made me who i am. They accommodated me. I cannot dictate to the editorial policies of Peacefmonline but in such a situation, they should decipher. The Gas are good. Oboy Siki, shame on you! Panyin…..”

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