Yaw Sarpong speaks on how music has treated him

Renowned Ghanaian Gospel musician, Yaw Sarpong has revealed how music has treated him so far.

The ‘Tenebea Foforo’ composer bemoaned in an interview Newshuntermag.com has come across that his songs are popular but it doesn’t match the benefit.

He stressed that music has not really paid off.

Mr Sarpong said music today is not the same as when they started.

“When we started music, it was not the same as it is today. We have not benefitted much as popular as the music itself. My first album is in 1981 and music was not as developed as we have it today. Even though it has really not paid off, whatever little we have today is a result of music. A lot of people even those in Arab countries call me…I don’t talk about those from Japan, USA and many other countries. I know what is ahead of us is greater and I trust God to make a better way,” he revealed on Angel FM in Kumasi.

After releasing about 27 albums, the veteran Gospel musician lamented that producers have not given him anything.

Meanwhile, Yaw Sarpong and his Asomafo group are household names in the Ghanaian music scene.

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