Veteran Ghanaian actress, Mama Jane sadly reveals she sometimes sleep on an empty stomach

Veteran Ghanaian actress, Mama Jane, has talked about how life is treating her.

She told Fiifi Pratt in an interview has come across that life has been unfair to her.

Maame Jane sadly revealed she sometimes sleep on an empty stomach.

Mama Jane, who gained promise through the Osofo Dadzie TV show, stressed that she is broke.

Despite her situation, she said she declined to beg others for help.

“It got to a point even what I will use to buy food was a problem. One thing about me is that I don’t know how to beg so I could not tell anyone my problems.

“People thought that I don’t have problems but truly I had problems but I don’t have friends and so I don’t tell people my problems so whatever happens to me, I am in my room,” Mama Jane disclosed.

According to the veteran actress, her dream to become a judge or a secretary did not see the light of the day after she got pregnant when she had her first s3x with her boyfriend.

She is ready to accept movie roles.

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