Kuami Eugene Explains Why He Will Choose Fame Over Money

Kuami Eugene

Ghanaian artiste, Kuami Eugene, known in private life as Eugene Marfo, has made an interesting remark about fame and money.

Speaking in an interview with Doreen Avio on Joy Prime, the ‘Angela’ hitmaker explained why he will choose fame over money.

He argued that money can give him fame, so he will opt to be famous.

“The money can give me the fame, so will you prefer to choose being famous over being without anything in your pocket? I think that will be the worst experience of my life. You’ll be super popular; everybody knows you everywhere, but you have to pick Uber. “The driver will be thinking, ‘Is this Kuami Eugene, or has the Rockstar’s car developed a fault?”

Kuami Eugene also revealed his greatest fear.

The Lynx Entertainment artiste averred: “My greatest fear is to wake up one morning and realise I’m not this rockstar. Imagine I wake up and go to the mall, and nobody says ‘Rockstar.’ I will ask myself if I didn’t sleep well. I mean, I get people asking me, don’t you get tired when people are on your leg everywhere? You don’t get to come stand in a queue like us anymore? I tell them it’s my job. “Do you think I’d rather get by without being recognised like you?”

Post source : Ghananewspost.com

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