There is more to life than money – Jessica Opare tells Men who spend lavishly on their girlfriends

Renowned Ghanaian media personality, Jessica Opare-Saforo, has explained why men should not give money to their girlfriends during dating.

The talented voice-over artist said in a video has watched that it is unhealthy for men to spend money on their partners when they have not married.

She stated that money is the worst thing a man can give to a woman during dating.

Jessica buttressed her assertion with four reasons.

To her, the action of a man giving to her girlfriend can even collapse the relationship.

“People might think that giving their partner money guarantees loyalty, guarantees love, guarantees a happy relationship but I am here to tell you that it is actually not the case. If you are someone who has based your whole relationship on money as the solution to everything…there’s an argument and the next thing you do is give her money to go and buy her favourite thing, go shopping, what you are doing is actually damaging your relationship because money cannot be the solution to everything. There is more to life than money.

“Money is great, money is good, money makes things easier, a lot of things but it is not the solution to every problem,” Jessica Opare-Saforo posited.

She further stated that women who make frequent demands for money will leave one day when the man is not able to provide.

Jessica has more explanation in the video below.

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