I don’t need your ‘borla’ advice; give it to your family members – angry Papi tells Ayisha Modi

Papi of 5Five and Ayisha Modi

Ghanaian musician, Papi, who was part of the 5Five music group, has responded to Ayisha Modi.

Ayisha, a music enthusiast in Ghana, popularly known for her affiliation with Stonebwoy, chastised the musician after he fought with Appietus on live TV some days ago.

The 5Five member and Appietus, one of the veteran musicians in Ghana, traded insults over copyright issues.

Appietus revealed putting some songs of the group online to make money. He argued that they did not pay him for his service—and that was the way to earn something.

This led to their fight on CTV during an interview with Sammy Flex.

Following this, Ayisha said young people die early nowadays because of how they treat those who paved the way for them.

Reacting to her statement in an interview with ZionFelix, Papi told Ayisha Modi to shut the fvck up.

He added that she should advise her family members because he doesn’t need it in any way.

Papi sees Ayisha’s advice as trash (borla).

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