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Amerado asks Shatta Bandle to forgive him after throwing shots at him during his beef with Lyrical Joe


Amerado has asked Shatta Bandle to forgive him after he dragged him into his beef with Lyrical Joe.

The rapper compared Lyrical Joe’s streams to Bandle’s teeth in one of his diss songs.

Shatta Bandle recorded a video to insult Amerado over what he did.

“Amerado, let me warn you, if you are fighting someone, don’t bring me inside. For the f**k you went to f**k your mother, you think that you are grown.

“Be careful, I am a rich man. I don’t enter beggar’s matter. F**k you. Just because you have gone to marry your grandmother you think you are grown. You are a fool. You are mad,” he warned him.

Amerado admitted his mistake and apologized to Bandle after he was featured on UTV’s United Showbiz program.

“I want to say a big sorry to you, big bro. I know I’m taller than you but you’re older than I am. Please, forgive me,” he said.

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