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Amakye Dede calls on the government to investigate people embezzling GHAMRO funds

Amakye Dede

Popular Ghanaian highlife musician, Amakye Dede, has called on the government to investigate the people who are embezzling the funds of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO).

The veteran musician bemoaned how these people are misappropriating funds of the organization in a recent interview.

To him, they are doing that because of selfishness and personal interest.

“There are some people at GHAMRO that the little money that they will give it to some musicians for their creativity, they won’t do it because of selfishness.

“But that’s not how we are supposed to live life because someone has written their songs and you don’t even know how they came up with the creative piece,” he said on Kessben TV.

Amakye Dede further stated: “You are sitting at the office at GHAMRO to just collect and embezzle their funds which is not nice because one person alone cannot eat for the rest to go hungry.

“I will be glad if the government gets involved to help the musicians because that will be very good than just allowing some few to sit at GHAMRO and just squander the money meant for musicians.”

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