I am alive – Richard Abiodun Ayoyinka, first Papa Ajasco speaks

Richard Abiodun Ayoyinka

Richard Abiodun Ayoyinka, the first character of the Papa Ajasco series has stated that he is alive.

Following the death of Femi Ogunrombi, photos of Mr Ayoyinka were used by some news websites.

Meanwhile, Mr Ogunrombi, the deceased, took over to become the next Papa Ajasco in the series after Abiodun Ayoyinka pulled out.

Speaking in a video, the first Papa Ajasco said he is alive.

“My name is Abiodun Ayoyinka popularly known as Papa Ajasco. I am not dead. I am still alive.

“And thank you very much my fans out there for your concern. I really appreciate you people,” he stated.

Watch the video below.

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