Bono Region: Residents of Bredi Akotokrom cry over lack of potable water

The residents of Bredi Akotokrom, a farming community in the Dormaa West district of the Bono region, are crying bitterly over the lack of potable water.

They bemoaned over drinking from an unpleasant stream which is their only source of drinking water in the community.

According to the residents, they walk about three to four miles to fetch water from the stream which they share with animals in the area.

They have a population of about thousand people.

They appealed to the government and Dormaa West District Assembly to come to their aid and complete the abandoned boreholes which were started by the previous administration.

About 42 boreholes started by the past government in the Dormaa West District are yet to be completed, has learnt.

Watch a video of their plea below.

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