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Keche Joshua scolds Ghanaian music producers; says some of them are very lazy

Keche Joshua

Keche Joshua has scolded a section of Ghanaian music producers.

Known in private life as Joshua Kojo Ampah, the Keche music group member in an interview with KMJ on Joy Prime that has come across, Keche Josua asserted that some Ghanaian music producers are very lazy.

He said they do not like to be corrected when working with them.

Joshua averred some of these producers even get angry when they are told to fix some things to make the work par-excellent.

He made this remark when his partner, Keche Andrew, talked about the tough time they give to some of the music producers they work with.

Keche Joshua also bemoaned over the untasteful comments made about his rap.

He stated that some of the people they contacted to give feedback on their songs have been tagging his raps as wack.

Joshua recalled his group mate; Keche Andrew, even deleted his raps when they were working on their song ‘Diabetics’.

Watch a section of the interview below.

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