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Joe Mettle explains why he quit his architecture work to focus on music

Ghanaian Gospel musician, Joe Mettle has explained why he quit his architecture work to focus on music.

He disclosed in a recent interview that it was his dream to be an architect when growing up.

He turned out to pursue his musical dream instead of being an architect.

Joe indicated that music was a gift given to him by God.

“I wanted to actually be an architect, not a musician. But I know that at the back of my mind, I always knew that I would sing or do music for some reason, but I also knew that I was also going to still practise architecture,” he stated.

The revered Gospel artiste clarified that he put a stop to his architectural business due to how time-consuming it was.

Joe Mettle explained: “So I actually started. I used to do building drawings. I did that for a few years…So basic architecture. I went to MODESCO to learn that for a while, thinking that I was going to get to go to Tech or any other institution to further it, and it didn’t happen.

“I started singing, but later on, when I got to go to the university, I rather went to study marketing.

“I knew that I was spending most of my time doing ministry, so I wanted to do something else that I loved that would not affect the ministry. I decided to go study marketing instead.”

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